Under logs you can view all changes made with the Stock Controller, publish any draft changes; and edit the same selection if you have further changes to make.

Product Manger Logs 

Product Manager Logs can be either a draft that can be published; or a record of a change that's already been applied. If it's a draft you will see  "Apply changes now" and "Delete draft update" buttons at the top.

The system of draft changes have been done to allow an admin to review changes before publication.

Please note that it's currently not possible to schedule updates to be automatically published; nor is it possible to modify a draft update but both functions will be included in future plugin versions.

Stock Manager Logs

Stock Manager changes can either be Stocktake or Stock Adjustments. Both are applied immediately without any draft status. The logs therefore show the changes; and give you the option to edit the same selection of products again. 

For a Stock Adjustment the log will show the product ID, the stock quantity prior to the update, the change and the new quantity: 

For a Stocktake the log will show the product ID, and the new stock quantity

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