What happens if Heartbeat AP is disabled?

SCW uses the WordPress Heartbeat API to monitor changes to products and stock and alert the user to potential conflicts. 

However some optimisation plugins disable the WordPress Heartbeat API, and some do this "out of the box", ie on installation so you may not even be aware. 

What happens if Heartbeat API is disabled?

If the Heartbeat API has been disabled you will be able to use the SCW plugin but please note:

  • in Stock Adjustments, the "estimated new stock quantity" won't be adjusted if stock changes whilst you're working on the screen
  • in Stocktake you won't be alerted if stock changes whilst you're working on the screen
  • in Product Manager you won't be alerted if a colleague is working on the same product

Plugins which can disable Heartbeat API

How can I check if Heartbeat is enabled?

When you're on an SCW page such as Product Manager or Stock Manager you can use your browser's Developer Tools to see if the heartbeat JS file is loaded.

PS: We've got an enhancement planned in future version of this plugin to aler you if Heartbeat is disabled. 

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