Product Manager

The Product Manager is where you can modify (almost) all product details on a single screen. The way products are modified has been kept similar to how you work in the product editing screen so should feel very familiar. 

There's no neeed to know anything about how data is stored in the database, whether it's a text, boolean or a number; nor do you need to know product IDs or deal with technical jargon. 

To keep the screen easy to view at a glance most editing is done by clicking on a field which then brings up a popup where you can make the change and click "set" to return to the main screen. At this point no change to the product has taken place yet, if you close the screen now or click "reset" no changes will have been applied. 

Once you're happy with the changes you can then either decide to "save for later" meaning that your changes will be kept a log which you can publish later; or you can "apply changes now" which will publish your changes. 

In the background the Product Manager screen also monitor is any of your colleagues is working on editing a product and will alert you if there's a conflict by showing a padlock next to the ID. 

Fields you can edit are shown in blue, fields you have changed in red; and read-only fields in black.

Fields which you can update are: Image, Name, SKU, Slug, Status, Catalog Visibility, Featured, Description, Excerpt, Regular Price, Sale Price (from / to), Tax Status, Tax Clas, Manage Stock?, Stock Status, Stock Quantity, Backorders, Low Stock, Sold Individually, Virtual?, Weight, Length, Width, Height, Shipping Class ID, Upsell IDs, Cross-sell IDs, Purchase Note, Attributes, Categories, Tags, Gallery, Downloadable?, Downloads, Download Limit, Download Expiry, Menu Order, Password, Reviews Allowed?, Variation Enabled?, Grouped Products, External Product URL, External Button Text.

Please note that it's not possible in Product Manager to create, duplicate or delete products; nor can you change the product type, create variations or update read-only fields like the ID. 

The Product Manager is also currently only available for standard WooCommerce product types and fields. We are working on adding further product types in the next version updates so if there's a product type you want to have added, please get in touch & we'll do our best to include it in a future version.

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